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Clover Pom Pom Maker

$7.13 $3.89
Beautiful pom-poms made easily and quickly. 2 pieces per packet (except Extra Large where there is 1 per packet)

How to use
  • Align arches
  • Firmly wind yarn from one end to the other. Wind yarn evenly so that the shape will conform to the arch, close the arch (repeat for the other arch)
  • Cut the yarn beginning at the gap between arches *Take care not to open the arches
  • Place sewing thread or yarn to tie pom-pom in place. Tie firmly with a double knot
  • Gently open one arch at a time
  • Remove pom-pom and fluff to shape
  • Use scissors to cut loose ends and shape
Handling Precautions
Wind the yarn around arches so centre part of the inner arch will show slightly. Over-winding may result in inadequate finish or damage to the tool